Ruta Del Golfo

Routes from: El Salvador

San Salvador - León

We will pick you from your hotel in San Salvador at 08:30h for a 3 hour ride to la Unión. You cant miss the stratovolcanoes Chichontepec (San Vicente, 2182m/7159ft) and Chaparrastique (San Miguel, 2130m/6988ft); the former the second highest volcano in El Salvador, the latter the most active in the country.

Upon arrival in La Unión, you could almost smell the sea. La Unión is a sleepy fishing town, once the most important harbor in El Salvador but now overtaken by history. Our staff will handle the paperwork which will take approximately an hour; during these formalities, you can stroll along the small but lovely market in La Unión and have a delicious Pupusa, the most popular local snack in El Salvador.

Our staff will hand out life vests and raincoats in the boat. We will stow the luggage in waterproof bags. Be prepared to get a bit wet from the splashing water when the 140BHP outboard engine is working in full throttle! Dont forget to bring your sunglasses and waterproof sun lotion.

After leaving La Unión you will see a group of islands and volcanoes, once disputed between Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, today a beacon of peace and serenity. Fishermen are hauling in their catch of the day, birds are skimming over the water and if you are fortunate, you will see dolphins playing and jumping around the boat. We will make a stop on the volcanic island of Meanguera to have a cup of coffee. You can also buy artisanal products on this stunning island. Meanguera is a very good place to see frigate birds, pelicans, and many other varieties of sea birds.

The estimated time of arrival in Potosí is 14:30h. Our staff will handle the paperwork, which will take approximately an hour. During these formalities, you can have a drink and a snack at the local restaurant. After the paperwork, a sturdy 4x4 car will bring you in 3 hours to Léon. During the ride, you cant miss San Cristóbal, the highest volcano in Nicaragua, rising from the fields of maize, sugarcane and meadows. This is really Nicaraguan cowboy-land: cattle all around and on the tarmac. Prepare to stop a few times for cattle crossing the road. This area is famous for the dairy and meat; almost all the dairy and cheese sold in Nicaraguan (super)markets are from this region.

Estimated time of arrival at León, the second largest city in Nicaragua, is 18:30h. Its an old colonial town with a very rich heritage and a young, vibrant feeling due to the universities located in this attractive town. We will drop you at your accommodation of your choice. Cruce del Golfo can assist you with your travel-plans; the people behind Cruce del Golfo have more than 20 years experience in tourism in Central America.

Note that the crossing and drive will take about 8 hours and the formalities about 2 hours.

  • Travel time: 8:00 hours
  • Distance: 360 km
  • Cost: US$ 135.00 per person

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