Ruta Del Golfo


Why Ruta del Golfo? 
Crossing borders is always one of the most challenging, if not irritating part of an overland trip. Everyone going through Central America has heard about the infamous El Amatillo border crossing between El Salvador and Honduras, where the border crossing could take hours.

Fear no more. The days travelers needed 10 hours or more to cross the border between Nicaragua and El Salvador (and vice versa) via Honduras are finally over. No more changing busses or walking between border posts with your luggage. Ruta del Golfo offers travelers the fast and scenic route, bypassing the land-border crossings between El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. It’s 100% hassle-free, our staff will do the formalities at the customs in Potosí (Nicaragua) and La Unión (El Salvador), where the officials are still friendly and touts are an unknown phenomenon. And you will see and experience the beauty of the Gulf of Fonseca, a little-traveled and pristine part of Central America.

There is more: you can either do only the border crossing, or book our door-to-door service, during which you can enjoy marvelous views of the Nicaraguan and El Salvadorian landscape, with its active stratovulcanoes and of course the Gulf of Fonseca, a hidden gem in Central America.


Can Ruta del Golfo also arrange transfers not mentioned in the boat schedule?
Yes, we can. In fact, we can bring you virtually everywhere in Central America, whether it's by car, plane, boat or bus. Contact us and we will help you with your travel plans

When can you cross the Golf of Fonseca with Ruta del Golfo?
We are sailing once a week: every Tuesday. We also provide services to international tour companies, so in case you are looking to travel on another day, please contact us and you might catch a ride.

Does Ruta del Golfo offer other services?
Yes. Although Ruta del Golfo is a relatively new product, the people behind the company have more than 20 years of experience in the travel industry in Central America. We are catering both to tour operators from around the world and individual travelers. Whether you are looking for a boutique hotel, a tailor-made holiday, a day tour excursion, or just some general travel advice, we can assist you.