Ruta Del Golfo

Terms and conditions

Join Ruta del Golfo on a boating adventure and experience the Central American Gulf of Fonseca. Make your reservation today!

**We cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control, such as weather conditions**

You can make a reservation either by e-mail, through our booking form, or at our office in San Salvador.

Reservation policies

  1. Reservations, cancellations or modifications should be e-mailed to the following e-mail address: 
  2. The requested services mut be pre-paid either to our bank account in El Salvador or Paypal, at least one week before the service date. (information below)
  3. When confirming the reservation, you also have to send the following information:
    1. Passport scan or copy (enlarged, if possible)
    2. Date of entry to the country that the passengers are leaving (El Salvador or Nicaragua) and the port or border where they entered.
    3. Place of birth, place of residence of the passengers.
    4. Possible Itinerary within Nicaragua (Only if entering Nicaragua)
    5. Occupation




Banco de América Central 

  • Contact our sales representative at:
  • Request an invoice for your online booking amount. 
  • Pay on-line through PayPal or Credit Card.
  • Receive your confirmation for your online booking.
  • Transfer the total amount to our bank acount in El Salvador.
  • Request confirmation of the funds being transferred.

Current in US$


Trigolfo S.A. de C.V.

IMPORTANT: This information is necessary for the migration procedures. Passengers who fail to send the requested information at least 48 hours prior to the departure will not be allowed to cross the gulf.

You can also make a reservation and pay in our office: 

Ruta del Golfo
17 Avenida Norte # 3
Santa Tecla, La Libertad
San Salvador, El Salvador

Phone: +503 2525-6464 (El Salvador)

Phone: +505 2315 4099 (Nicaragua)

WhatsApp: +503 7749-7648

We accept US Dollars, Paypal and all major credit cards. After the payment, your request will be immediately processed. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. 

 Baggage policy

  1. Only one suitcase or other piece of luggage will be allowed per passenger.
  2. Additionally, each passenger can bring a carry-on baggage piece.
  3. Extra baggage pieces will have an additional charge of USD 20.00.
  4. Surf boards will have an additional cost of USD 10.00 for the boat portion only or USD 20.00 for services including overland + boat transfers.
  5. Passengers are not permitted to carry prohibited goods like firearms, drugs or any form of protected (live) animals. All the luggage will be checked by the customs.

Cancellation policies

  1. Cancellation requests received at least 15 days prior to the service date will be fully refunded.
  2. Cancellation requests received less than 15 days prior to the service date will have a penalty of 10% on the net rate.
  3. Cancellation requests received less than 7 days prior to the service date will have a penalty of 50% on the net rate.
  4. Cancellation requests received less than 48 hours prior to the service date will have a penalty of 100% on the net rate.
  5. 'No shows' will not be refundable.
  6. Passengers who show up late for a service will be considered a 'No Show'.
  7. If the weather does not permit us to sail, you will be fully refunded. You can also choose an overland transfer at no extra cost.

Immigration requirements
To enter El Salvador and Nicaragua, a passport valid for at least six months is required by all nationals. Visas for El Salvador and Nicaragua will be purchased on the border posts of La Unión (El Salvador) and Potosí (Nicaragua). Our staff will assist you in these formalities. Ruta del Golfo shall not be liable for the consequences to any passenger resulting from his or her failure to obtain a valid passport or visa. The cost for a visa to enter Nicaragua is USD 12.00 (April 2016), depending on your nationality and this is not included in any quotes stated in this website. The cost for the visa must be paid at the customs. Cruce del Golfo is not responsible for any changes regarding entering El Salvador and Nicaragua. We advise you to check the requirements to enter El Salvador and Nicaragua at your embassy prior to your departure.

Whilst we make every effort to safeguard our passengers, Ruta del Gulfo cannot be held liable for any damage, injury, or loss of any kind caused by or resulting from any act or omission by its employees, agents or contractors. Travel insurance in NOT included in the tour price. Ruta del Gulfo requires all passengers to hold travel insurance. Passengers should note that adventure travel involves a higher than normal risk. 

All children and yound adults under 18 must always be accompanied by a passenger over 18 years. We give the following discounts when you are traveling with children under 12:

1. Children between 6 and 11 years old pay half net rate, if accompanied by at least 1 adult.
2. Children under 5 years old travel for free, if accompanied by at least 1 adult.
3. Children equal or older than 12 years old pay normal rate.